Our company comprises Turkiye's best and carefully selected experienced engineers and skills providing owners of marine seagoing vessels with a total service to assist in managing all aspects of the New-Building and Maintenance Programmes.

At Tuzlaship our goal is to provide quality workmanship at competitive prices. "Total Quality" is the concept we follow at all levels of production to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Bring us a challenge and we will respond with a professional solution. We have built our reputation on thorough planning, early identification of problem areas and innovative approach to resource management.

Maintenance & Repair Services

Tuzlaship excels in the three major areas of mechanical, hull and engine room repairs by offering a team of highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable personnel.

boilers, condenser, cooler, heater, economiser boiler manufacturing & maintenance, chemical-mechanical cleaning, hydrostatic test, tube & refractory renewal.

heater applications - cooler chemical ultrasonic cleaning services

piping, pipe/tube construction, ductline applications & maintenance, bending applications

metal sheet bending and construction

hatch cover coaming steel & hdydraulic systems repair and overhauls

overhauling of all type centrifugal and gear pumps, air compressor, all size hydraulic pistons

main engine, diesel generator overhauls: all type and power, recondition of piston crowns, cylinder heads etc.

tank cleaning, surface treatment and painting services,staging scaffolding rental services

Engineering & Project Management Services

  • + Turnkey repair/conversion solutions, Emergency Repairs floating/berth or arranged drydock
  • + Develop inspection program requirements in consultation with Owners, Managers and Class
  • + Planning and Preparation for inspection, Supervision of inspection
  • + Review and Analysis Inspection Reports, Repair and Maintenance Data, Perform Condition Assessment
  • + Develop Repair Plans, Repair Methods, Repair Specifications, Cost and Time Estimation
  • + Supervision of Repair, Project Management and Quality Control
  • + Develop Maintenance Strategy Program, Documentation on board, Budget Cost Stream

Our Clients

M/V "LIBERTY WAVE" Emergency Steel Work during cargo discharge, Hull-Shell repair within 16 hrs.

LPG "POLAR VIKING" Manifold conversion works, New stainless steel manifold outlet and stainless steel pipe sections have been designed, fabricated and installed on board.

M/V "LT BIANCA" Emergency Steel Work, Damaged Container posts have been fabricated, aligned and installed on board within 60 hrs.

LPG "PACIFIC VIKING" Manifold conversion works, New stainless steel manifold outlet and stainless steel pipe sections have been designed, fabricated and installed on board.

M/V "HAWK I" Emergency Tank Cleaning, All cargo tanks and FO tanks have been cleaned, gas freed within 48 hrs.

M/V "WARRIOR" Emergency Pump Repair, Emergency Fire Pump has been repaired.

MSC "IDIL" Emergency Steel Work, Damaged shell due to a port accident, Damaged area has been repaired with internals within 48 hrs round the clock working.

M/V "VERGI" Steel Work, pre-fabricated steel parts

M/V "ORIANA C" Floating Repair, major steel work on deck and forepeak areas.

P&O NEDLLOYD "CHEEKKA" Emergency Repair, Cargo crane problem while discharging - Our team reached to the vessel rapidly and problem has been solved within 6 hours, Cargo block pins have been renewed with new ones fabricated in our workshop.

M/V "CORDOBA GRANADA ANDALUCIA" Steel Work, pre-fabricated steel parts

CMA CGM "SWALA" Various Mechanical, pipe and electrical works have been carried out


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